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Sherpa° joins Carbon Neutral Club

Here at sherpa°, we recognize the importance for all of us to strive towards carbon neutrality. That’s why we’ve taken the step to partner with Carbon Neutral Club to provide a way for our whole team to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Through Carbon Neutral Club’s Employer Program, we’re able to estimate and offset our team's individual carbon footprint while encouraging each of us to reduce our emissions by supporting sustainable brands. Through the program, sherpos get access to exclusive discounts and incentives from lots of awesome circular brands.

Additionally, our Carbon Neutral Club membership helps to fund three science-backed and verified Gold Standard or VCS offset projects that are third-party audited for their climate impact.

Our participation in this program is just the beginning of our journey towards carbon neutrality. We’re grateful to Carbon Neutral Club for providing a fun and easy, yet meaningful, way to begin the journey.

To learn how you can join in, visit carbonneutralclub.com

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