Travel requirements

Build your brand as a trusted source. Provide your customers with crucial entry information to mitigate trip disruptions and improve customer satisfaction.

Personalization built for scale

Present travel requirements such as passport validity, country-specific electronic visa and travel authorizations, and vaccination requirements throughout the booking flow and day of travel.
Make sure every passenger is good to go.

Deliver exceptional customer service

Empower customers and customer care teams with a single source of truth. Our intuitive, easy-to-understand dashboard displays personalized travel requirements based on nationality and destination, including layovers and connecting flights.

Improve booking conversion rate

Reduce customer anxiety and friction to book. Embed personalized data on your website, destination pages, mobile app, loyalty platform and manage booking platform or link to our co-branded WebApp—and keep customers in the booking flow.

Ensure a smoother day of travel

Eliminate surprises at the gate and reduce the strain on trip disruption teams by guiding your customers to understand travel documents before the day of travel. Avoid denied boardings and mitigate immigration fines and repatriation fees.
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You know travel. We know travel requirements.

We’re experts in travel requirements because the only thing between your customer and the joy of travel is proper documentation.
Make sure every passenger is good to go.
What type of travel document information is included?
Visa requirements
Example: An electronic travel authorization (ETA) must be obtained at least 72 hours before departure

Visa guidelines
Example: A traveller must reapply for an ESTA when their passport expires

Document type
Example: Passports and national IDs are accepted for entry at a destination

Travel document validity
Example: A traveller's passport should be valid for at least 6 months upon entry to a destination

Passport specific requirements
Example: 3 blank pages need to be available in a traveller’s passport

Quarantine Measures
Example: Unvaccinated travellers must quarantine upon arrival


Sherpa° aggregates millions of data points from thousands of sources including official Government websites and trusted 3rd party sources every day.
Comprehensive database for over 200 countries
API: Trips endpoint lets developers retrieve requirements and documents based on trip context like origin, destination, date of travel
Embeddable elements for Pre- & Post-booking placements; an easy-to-integrate option to sell eVisas
Localized to 30 languages & locales including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Portuguese
Ability to summarize requirements for complex trips with multiple connection points
24/7 support team to clarify information and respond to government policy changes
Available on our white-label WebApp for easy integration
Ability to link to a partner’s website from our WebApp to bring users back into their funnel
Checklist style requirements/procedures for each trip leg
Our solutions

You choose how to work with us.

Get up and running quickly with embeddable widgets, our intuitive API, or white-label WebApp.

Sherpa API

We have one API that does it all. Our extensive database includes passport and visa requirements, border procedures, health declarations, passenger locator forms, quarantine measures, transit restrictions and vaccination requirements, all in one dashboard.

Embeddable Elements

Embed widgets showing personalized entry requirements as well as international travel requirements on your website, app, travel information hub or manage my booking platform. Perfect for pilot projects.

White-label WebApp

Offer your customers all the information available through the Sherpa API and earn commission on eVisa and eTA sales on the co-branded WebApp managed and deployed by sherpa°. Ideal for teams without development resources.

Why the world’s leading travel brands partner with us

“Our customers were frustrated by hard to understand immigration and consulate websites. With Sherpa, we are now able to offer our customers a seamless and hassle free travel experience all on one platform: our website.”

Matthias Knobloch, Condor, International Marketing Manager B2C

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“We've had excellent feedback from our travellers as we're able to provide a single touchpoint for all visa requirements across all destinations, and use Sherpa as a trusted partner to facilitate visa purchases. Sherpa has given our customers peace of mind, addressing anxiety often associated with travel, further reduced inbound calls to our support staff, and prevented customer service issues on the ground.”

Craig Nagy, G Adventures, Technology Director, Customer Systems

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Having undertaken a hackathon using Sherpa, we found their documentation to be very detailed and the implementation straightforward. We were able to put together an integration with Skyscanner in a couple of hours resulting in a functional mobile application using real visa data.”

Akos Toth-Mate, Skyscanner, Engineering Manager

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Partnering with sherpa˚ gave our global travel brands the important ability to show our customers where they can travel and what to expect when they get there. Given our guest safety and wellbeing is paramount for TTC and our brands, this information is vital to our travelers, from day one, and the sherpa˚ team has exceeded our expectations in delivering an excellent way to achieve this. Through their exceptional flexibility and quick collaboration, we launched fourteen branded widgets across our portfolio of sites in under one month. I highly commend the sherpa˚ team for their commitment to service while we work together to restore consumer confidence to travel.”

Dan Christian, Global Chief Digital Officer, TTC

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“It’s never been more critical for everyone — from employees to travel managers — to have real-time access to international travel procedures and information. Through our partnership with sherpa˚, travelers no longer have to search multiple websites or resources for the latest information on international travel restrictions. Instead, travelers can quickly learn all the pertinent requirements for international trips while they are booking on the TripActions platform.

The product and implementation teams at sherpa˚ were great to work with, and most importantly, helped us meet the urgent needs of our travelers at the fast-paced development timelines they’ve come to expect.”

Danny Finkel, Chief Travel Officer, TripActions

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What sources inform your data?

Technology enables us to continuously monitor official government and trusted third-party sources and consume millions of data points every day.

How often is your data updated?

Our team is notified of all policy changes every hour—an average of 55 changes per hour—and then manually confirms and curates the required updates.

How do you classify the levels of restrictions on the map?

The map is divided into four levels of restrictions to help travellers find destinations that have few restrictions or to determine restrictions for a specific destination. Travel is open: Open for travel. COVID-19 testing or quarantine is not required Test & travel: Open for travel with required COVID-19 testing. Test & quarantine: Open for travel with required COVID-19 testing and quarantine. Entry is restricted: Travel is open for returning citizens and those meeting strict requirements.

Can travellers see restrictions by destination and by return route?

Users can quickly switch between departure and return restrictions to get the full picture of what’s required.

Are entry restrictions based on nationality or point of origin?

As travel begins to resume, restrictions are often based on a traveller's point of origin instead of their nationality.

See our trips page for more information.
Where can I read more documentation?

Visit our developer hub.

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Guide your customers with crucial entry requirements to mitigate trip disruptions and improve customer satisfaction.
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