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How we’re approaching the monkeypox outbreak

Health authorities have been monitoring incidences of monkeypox across various countries. In this update, we outline our approach to this development and explain the conditions under which we would include data relating to new disease outbreaks in our travel requirements product.

A number of governments have issued policies and guidelines in relation to monkeypox. Based on our monitoring, we can group these updates into three categories:

  • Advice on avoiding monkeypox transmission.
  • Reporting and quarantine requirements for those that become infected.
  • Reiterating general screening at ports of entry (not specific to monkeypox).

Our product is heavily focused on travel and border entry requirements, including identity and health documentation. At this time, the guidelines that have been issued by governments in relation to monkeypox have mainly been directed toward residents and individuals that are already in-destination.

Our mission is to help people move freely across borders. We have not yet included guidelines that are specific to monkeypox in our product because the guidelines we’ve identified do not currently affect a person’s ability to travel.

Nevertheless, we’re keeping a close eye on the situation as it unfolds, and we’ll keep our policy under continuous review. In the event that government guidelines progress to the point that travel becomes affected, we’re well-positioned to quickly identify and include any new travel requirements that emerge.

In summary

  1. We’re monitoring the situation closely.
  2. We have not identified travel requirements that are specific to monkeypox.
  3. We’re well prepared to identify and include these if they emerge in the future.

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