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Goodbye restrictions, hello requirements

As the world continues to open up to more international travel, we think the time is right to update some language in our product. We want users to share our belief that travel is something to be enjoyed again—not something that’s inherently restricted. That’s why we’re removing the word “restrictions” from our product, and replacing it with “requirements”.

Sherpa° was founded to inform travellers about eVisas and to streamline the process of getting one. When COVID-19 took hold around the world, we pivoted to providing our airline and travel company partners with information on COVID-19 restrictions. At the time, travel was unarguably restricted—new travel restrictions were placed on practically every one of the world’s travel corridors. In many cases, travel was simply not permitted.

Of course, this remains the case on many corridors today. But for much of the world, travel is now a possibility for anyone that has the means to travel. On certain routes, travellers still need to comply with certain requirements, such as proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result. And the world’s governments continue to introduce new eVisa and Electronic Travel Authorization requirements, such as ETIAS and the UK eTA.

As our product evolves, we want to introduce new categories of information to our search results that make it even easier for travellers to cross borders, such as non-COVID-19 vaccination requirements and passport validity requirements.

Travel has changed, but thankfully it’s making a strong comeback. So it’s goodbye to restrictions, and hello to requirements. Partners and users can expect to see this new language updated in our product from the end of June 2022.

At sherpa° we’re passionate about freedom of movement. Our mission is to help travelers move freely around the world and to shift the way the world's leading travel providers approach border crossings. Through unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, we help our partners—from airlines to cruise lines to online travel agencies—open new ancillary revenue streams to help them reduce costs and operational risk while enhancing the customer journey and growing consumer confidence in travel.

More than simply providing a product or service, we're moving travel forward. Away from stress and confusion, and towards ease and connection. So travelers can move freely wherever life takes them. This is the future of international travel. Contact us today to find out how our suite of solutions can help grow your business.

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