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Work anywhere: moving from one desk to many

At sherpa°, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we work. From one desk to many, see how our new flexible work policy supports our mission to help travellers move freely.

When the pandemic pushed us into working from home, the concept of working remotely turned our work culture upside down. We invested in collaborative tools—like Notion, Slack, Miro and Figma. We created structure through new rituals and processes. We hosted Happy Hours and Pet Coffees over Zoom. And we thrived.

This year, while offices are reopening and employees are returning to their desks and cubicles, companies like Spotify, Twitter and Airbnb are embracing work-from-anywhere policies. Now, after two years of being remote-first, we asked ourselves, where do we go from here?

For a global travel-tech company, the answer seems obvious. To build empathy with travellers, we have to live the travel journey and bring that knowledge back to our team—book flights, apply for visas, navigate busy airports and cross borders. So today, we’re starting a new chapter at sherpa° by offering our global team the freedom to choose where we work.

Whether it’s in a different city or country, working from home, in a co-working space or in a camper van, we believe we’re happier and more productive when work can flex with our lifestyle and ambitions. So, we asked our team to share photos of their desks and answer this question: “What does working anywhere mean to you?”

Here’s what they have to say about work-life balance, staying connected with colleagues and working from anywhere:

“Work-life balance is the ability to simultaneously pursue my career and personal commitments without sacrificing either.” Cameron

“To get to know each other better, you have to reach out and request to have Zoom calls. Think of it as if you are living far away from your family and you want to keep in touch. Work colleagues shall be your family.” Antonella

“Keep connected by keeping it real—play games, share memes, songs and jokes, and have online check-ins. If I get a chance to work with someone in person, I go for it immediately.” Farah

“No matter where in the world you are working from, just remember that the spot you have chosen is essentially your office and not your vacation spot. Treat it like that.” Zee

“No longer tethered to an office and being able to travel while working has changed my perspective on what’s possible.” Valerie

Driven by a desire for flexibility, autonomy and mindfulness, we welcome the expansive world of working from anywhere. Because at sherpa°, understanding the travel journey is not only a requirement, it’s our life’s work.

Picture was taken by our very own sherpo, Annie McDougall, Senior UX Designer, in Medellin Colombia.

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