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Creating a more seamless eVisa application process

We added a new passport scanning capability to our eVisa application flow that’s delivering higher upload success rates and quicker eVisa processing times.

One of the reasons why travellers love using sherpa° is our clear and intuitive user experience. eVisa applications can be complex but we always aim to simplify the application process as much as possible for our users.

Many governments require eVisa applicants to upload a photo or scan of their passport. This is the cause of a lot of unsuccessful applications—in many cases, it’s due to glare or lack of focus on the image.

On May 19 we implemented a new passport scanning solution that allows us to capture more information in every scan, including overall image quality. If a sherpa° user submits a scan that we believe is unlikely to be accepted by the government service, we’ll let the applicant know, and they can re-scan a better version.

Since we launched this update, we’re seeing a 35 percent higher scan success rate, and a 23 percent reduction in the time it takes to process an eVisa.

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