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Celebrating Pride around the world

Our 5 must go destinations for Pride

June is internationally recognized as Pride Month. A time to support and learn about the LGBTQ+ community both in your city and around the world. We celebrate Pride by coming together to express love and support for one another, and to relish in what makes you unique. At sherpa˚, we believe the spirit of Pride should be showcased, no matter where your path takes you in this world.

Our mission is to allow everyone throughout the globe to move freely and confidently across all borders.

The travel landscape has changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 virus, but as the world re-opens we are excited to showcase the abundance of travel destinations where your pride can not only be accepted, but celebrated.

New York City, USA

Millions come to celebrate the World Pride Festival throughout the month of June making it the worlds largest Pride event in the world. NYC Pride has consistently demonstrated its unique ability to showcase love, acceptance and togetherness on a scale rarely seen around the world. This years Pride parade on June 27th will feature a virtual option with possibilities of in person events happening should the COVID-19 restrictions ease in time.

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Pro travel tip! If you want to fly to NYC for the Pride parade in 2022 when travel reopens you may need a US ESTA to enter.

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São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is home to the largest Pride Parade in South America attracting over 5 million attendees each year. The São Paulo pride parade began in 1997 when 2,000 LGBTQ+ activists stood up against discrimination, and this tradition has carried on ever since. The large party like atmosphere immerses the city with love, joy and expression making it one of the most desirable destination for any world traveler. The parade was held on June 6th this year, make sure to check out next years parade dates if you are interested in going.

Photo Credit: Ben Tavener

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Madrid, Spain

Madrid Pride, popularly known in Spanish as the Orgullo Gay de Madrid and its acronym MADO, attracts over 3.5 million people a year to the local Chueca neighbourhood, right in the heart of Madrid. This pride event lasts a whole week and is packed with celebratory events, and events to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community. Madrid has an established community that prioritizes love and acceptance, popularized by the saying "Wherever you're from and whoever you love, Madrid loves you".

Photo Credit: danielgbueno

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Paris, France

Commonly refereed to as the Marche des Fiertés, Parisian Pride takes the city by storm in late June and attracts over 800,000 attendees every year. The parade features floats that shed light on some of the most important moments in the LGBTQ+ community, culminating in exciting party in Le Marais to conclude the event. The Paris Pride Parade is Frances biggest Pride event with an overwhelming atmosphere of love and support that takes over the city. The Paris Pride events will mostly be virtual this year so make sure to check for in person dates in 2022.

Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre Bijouard

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Toronto, Canada

The Toronto Pride Parade is one of the most diverse pride parties with events ranging from a Dyke March to Drag events. While the parade is contained to the cities iconic Yonge Street, the entire city is captivated by the sense of love, acceptance and celebration . The parade attracts up to a million supporters who come out and march through the streets of the city. The parade is set to happen on June 27th, 2021 virtually, with live events yet to be announced.

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Pro Travel Tip! If you're looking to travel in 2021, be sure to check here for up to date travel restrictions.

We wish everyone a happy Pride month and hope that you enjoy your favourite Pride events around the world!

— Skier Cameron

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