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Bringing eVisas to the forefront, and other product updates

Our eVisa partners want their travellers to be travel-ready with the correct documentation while also generating meaningful ancillary revenue for their business. We’re making changes to our Travel Requirements product to help them achieve this goal.

At sherpa°, our mission is to help travellers move freely, and that means giving everyone the information they need and the tools they require to move confidently and securely across borders. Millions of travellers use sherpa° every week to search travel requirements. Some of these users progress to completing an eVisa application.

We’re making changes to our platform to encourage more users to begin an eVisa application on sherpa°.

  1. We’re increasing the visibility of the eVisa offering
  2. We’re ensuring relevance of the eVisa offering
  3. We’re incentivizing travellers to start their visa application with sherpa°

Experiments completed during this update yielded interesting results. One experiment demonstrated a 70 percent lift in visa applications by positioning the visa offering higher up on the Trip Element. A further experiment demonstrated that users who manually enter their passports are 70 percent more likely to purchase an eVisa.

Expect to see increases in eVisa sales for your business as we run more tests and apply these learnings to our product.

Enabling multi-connection and multi-segment trips

Flying non-stop is awesome, but many flight itineraries include one or more connections. This can add an additional layer of complexity to travel requirements. Is a visa required for the layover? What about COVID-19 testing for transiting passengers? With this improvement, travelers can soon expect to see the ability to add multiple connections in a trip and increased clarity in the results.

In the back-end, we’re enhancing the logic we use to determine requirements for trips with connections. This will allow users to search for trips with more than one connection, including *multi-connection (*one ticket with multiple connections, not leaving the airport) and *multi-segment (*leaving the airport, multiple tickets, overnight layovers).

Adding new categories of non-COVID-19 information

We believe stongly that there will be long-lasting effects left by the pandemic on the travel industry. Airlines and travel companies have a new interest in ensuring that travellers are fully prepared for the identification and documentation requirements that apply to their trip. We want to enhance sherpa’s value in a post-pandemic world by introducing new categories of information to our search results that make it even easier for travellers to cross borders.

This includes information such as non-COVID-19 vaccination requirements and passport validity requirements. Any of these requirements could prevent a traveller from moving securely across a border, so it's in everyone’s interest that information and tools are available to travellers in advance.

At sherpa° we’re passionate about freedom of movement. Our mission is to help travelers move freely around the world and to shift the way the world's leading travel providers approach border crossings. Through unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, we help our partners—from airlines to cruise lines to online travel agencies—open new ancillary revenue streams to help them reduce costs and operational risk while enhancing the customer journey and growing consumer confidence in travel.

More than simply providing a product or service, we're moving travel forward. Away from stress and confusion, and towards ease and connection. So travelers can move freely wherever life takes them. This is the future of international travel. Contact us today to find out how our suite of solutions can help grow your business.

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