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Announcing our founding sponsorship of wmnsWORK—a tourism startup accelerator for women and non-binary founders

We’re excited to celebrate International Women’s Day with this special announcement—Sherpa° has become a founding sponsor of wmnsWORK, an entrepreneurial ecosystem for early-stage business owners. wmnsWORK embraces idea-sharing, community support and self-compassion in concert with diverse expert guidance.

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wmnsWORK was founded on the recognition that women and non-binary entrepreneurs have been long underserved by their industry. This virtual and equity-free business accelerator is led by Iris Serbanescu, who has spent her career consulting with and working within tourism’s adventure, luxury and tech sectors and witnessing the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs who are women and non-binary.

We share the belief of wmnsWORK that women are under-represented in leadership and ownership in the travel industry, leading to an unequal distribution of capital and decision-making power. By supporting wmnsWORK as a founding sponsor, we will support women on their entrepreneurial journeys and make it easier for them to start and grow their businesses within a system of support and education.

wmnsWORK's 12-week virtual program operates on three pillars: Education, Mentorship and Support. Group size is limited to 10 members to foster community, trust and openness. The program is focused on tourism suppliers but is open to other tourism business owners who see value in its curriculum.

Applications open today for the wmnsWORK Spring 2022 cohort, which begins on May 16, 2022.

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