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Adding domestic travel restrictions

Staycations get complicated

Initially, travel restrictions due to COVID-19 were primarily between countries. As such, when we launched our travel restrictions tool, we focused on international travel. When lockdowns eased and travel started to resume, many travellers looked at flying domestically before embarking on an international trip. However, changing travel rules between states and provinces, as a result of travel bubbles and emerging COVID hot spots, made travel decisions complicated. For the traveller and travel provider, these policy changes became a major cause of confusion, anxiety, and concern. 

To help our partners increase consumer confidence and reduce anxiety when travelling within borders, we launched domestic travel restrictions for Canada, the USA, Australia, United Kingdom and Abu Dhabi to our white-label web app and embeddable elements.  

Domestic travel on our embedded elements product
Domestic travel on our WebApp at apply.joinsherpa.com

Now, travellers can search for travel restrictions by entering airports or regions (provinces/states) into the search bar. From our data, we see 17% of all searches done via airport codes, while only 3% use regions or states. Travellers can also search for travel restrictions between domestic and international airports which shows if countries are only open to residences of certain states or provinces.

And to help travellers stay up to date, we add notifications so travellers can subscribe to receive travel changes for any destination of their choice.

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