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Sherpa˚ supports new languages

Introduciendo español

As we increasingly onboard global partners, with a diverse customer base who speak multiple languages, we’re making the commitment to localize our products. “12% of our user base is Non-English speaking. However, the biggest challenge in localization is the speed at which countries update their travel restrictions and entry requirements as well as the volume of updates.” says Ivan Sharko, CPO. To speed up the translation process, which includes over 4000 new words each week, we implemented a translation management system coupled with human proofreading optimization.  

The translation management system helps translators work better and faster. It provides the team with resources that help with translating: spellcheck, translation memory, glossary, context (knowing if the sentence is a title, a description, etc.). Translators can also add comments, questions and discussion regarding translations for each string all inside the tool. The translation management system also helps the development team with integrations as they receive new language strings automatically. Once the translation has been reviewed, it is automatically sent to the translation repository.

On October 23, 2020, we completed the translation of all our products to Spanish. This move marks the first language, after English, to be fully rolled out across the web app which now shows eVisa, eTA and travel restrictions in Spanish. 

French and Dutch translations are underway.

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