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Problems accessing the Türkiye eVisa website? You’re not alone

Based on comments we’re seeing on TripAdvisor and Twitter, it’s clear that many travellers are having problems accessing the government eVisa portal of the Republic of Türkiye. We can help.

Citizens of more than 100 countries are required to apply for an eVisa in advance of travel to Türkiye (provided they meet certain other eligibility requirements). An e-Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within a country.

In order to collect eVisa applications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye provides a website and electronic visa application system. But whenever the system becomes inaccessible (as it has been for many hours over recent days), this creates anxiety for travellers who have upcoming trips to Türkiye. They’re understandably concerned that their travel may be affected by their inability to complete an eVisa application.

Travellers who apply for a Türkiye eVisa on sherpa° will always be able to complete an application, regardless of the status of the government portal. Our systems are in near-constant communication with government systems, so as soon as the eVisa portal is back online following a period of downtime, all pending traveller applications completed on sherpa° will be submitted.

For airlines to minimize disruption caused by passengers presenting at airports with missing or incorrect documentation, it’s important to communicate requirements and to encourage passengers to complete visa applications early.

Applying through sherpa° makes an eVisa one less thing to worry about in advance of a trip to Türkiye. Travellers flying with one of our airline partners listed below can apply for a Türkiye eVisa from right within the Manage My Booking area of the airline website.

🇨🇦 Manage an Air Canada booking

🇺🇸 Manage an American Airlines booking

🇬🇧 Manage a British Airways booking

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