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Introducing Status Page

We’re excited to reveal an all-new feature within the sherpa° platform that greatly enhances our eVisa application experience. Applicants can now track the status of their eVisa application on the sherpa° platform.

Included in this new feature, applicants also receive new email alerts letting them know whenever the status of their application changes, for example, when it moves from Under Review to Approved.  This feature gives greater control and information to users, reducing the need to reach out to support for information on the status of their application.

A link to view ‘My visa status’ is now included in the confirmation email that applicants receive on submission of an application. From here, users have a clear view of their application status. And in the event that the user needs additional support, options are provided.

Delivering for our applicants and our partners

As travel rebounds around the world, we’re delivering record numbers of eVisas to travellers. For our airline and travel partners, this translates into meaningful differences in customer experience, operational efficiency and ancillary revenue growth. By placing more information and control into the hands of travellers, we’re enabling more people to move freely and delivering even better partner outcomes.

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