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Announcing two new enhancements to our Travel Requirements platform

Two updates to our Travel Requirements platform focus on encouraging more accurate information input by travellers and giving partners better access to traveller insights.

Encouraging accurate passport information input

In order to show the most accurate visa and travel requirements information, travellers are required to select which passport they are traveling on. In our research, we discovered that some travellers receive inaccurate Travel Requirements information when they do not correct an inaccuracy in a pre-populated passport field, or they miss the prompt altogether.

Starting with our Trip Element, we introduced new titles that draw travellers’ attention to their selected passport. Our A/B tests showed that 10 percent more travellers update their passport when the new titles are displayed. These new titles will be rolled out to all solutions.

Real-time insights from embeddable solutions

We know that our partners are interested in knowing the answers to questions like, where are the majority of my travellers flying from? Or, what passports do they hold? Valuable real-time insights such as these could help partners to create more targeted marketing campaigns and improve their understanding of travellers overall. We’re excited to announce that partners can now access real-time data about what travellers are searching with the Sherpa SDK. This feature is currently available for all partners who are using Trip and/or Map elements. Integrating it is a breeze, and the technical documentation can be found here.

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