eVisas are part of your passenger experience.

1 in 1,000 passengers arrive at the airport without the eVisa they need. Let's fix that.

What is Sherpa for Airlines?

eVisas and eTA are the fastest growing travel requirement globally, and represent a source of stress and confusion for travellers. Sherpa’s post-booking integrations enable airlines to deliver these documents to their passengers as an ancillary service and provide a frictionless eVisa experience.

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300 Million eVisas and eTAs will be issued in 2020.

Number of international travellers requiring eVisas and eTAs grew 10x in the last 10 years. That’s more than 100 million travellers a year.

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This year we’ve helped thousands of international travellers get to their destination without eVisa or ETA hassles.

Personalized, seamless eVisa experiences.

Integrated right into your post-booking experience, our white-labelled solution sends automated and personalized notifications to passengers requiring eVisas and guides them through a simplified application process.

Open a new ancillary channel.

Our commercial model lets you make money, while solving a major pain point for your passengers.

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How many international passengers fly with your airline annually?


Increase passenger loyalty.

30% of passengers cite a previous good experience as a reason to fly with an airline again. Unhappy passengers can damage your brand and erode market share. Remove a major obstacle to international travel and delight your passengers.

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Global reach

Offer over 30 eVisas and eTAs to passengers of 150+ nationalities.

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Simple implementation

Integrating our widgets or API is a breeze.
Get in touch today, and we can have you running in no time.

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24/7 support

Our team will help your passengers over chat, phone or email support any time.

Travellers and partners love Sherpa.

We delivered thousands of visas and built technologies that are easy to work with.

“Having undertaken a hackathon using Sherpa, we found their documentation to be very detailed and the implementation straightforward. We were able to put together an integration with Skyscanner in a couple of hours resulting in a functional mobile application using real visa data.”

Akos Toth-Mate / Engineering Manager SkyScanner

“Sherpa is making it really simple to provide travel visa information on any interface. It took us very little time to set up and integrate with their API. It was also quite flexible to include in our Amazon Alexa bot. This was a really simple way to provide more value to travellers using our product.”

Chinmay Patel / CEO VoiceX Labs