eVisas and Travel Authorizations

Offer eVisas as an ancillary product and confirm passengers’ eVisa status at check-in.

Ever-changing identification requirements and complex rules and regulations are a lot to navigate.

Open a new revenue stream

Add an average $80 USD to international bookings by offering eVisas as an ancillary product.

Personalize trip planning

Improve the customer experience by presenting an eVisa offer to qualified customers during or after booking.

Manage operational risk

Without proper documentation, travellers risk being denied boarding and travel providers risk loss of revenue and government fines.

Offer eVisa and eTAs to passengers for anywhere they want to go.

Increase ancillary revenue by allowing customers to add eVisas to their cart or present an offer after booking on the Confirmation or Manage My Booking page.
Unlock online check-in opportunities for travellers who couldn’t otherwise check-in due to visa restrictions.
Simplify airport doc checks and reduce error rate by enabling passengers to check the status of their eVisas and eTAs and notify them when they need to enter visa details.


Sherpa’s cloud infrastructure automatically analyzes visa submissions for errors, formats the information to fit government systems, and submits them to the respective government in seconds.
Simplified application process and better customer experience.
Faster application process—average of 94 seconds to submit an application to the government.
Auto-fill application from PNR/APIS
Reduced error rate
Enables multiple applications at once
Data privacy and enterprise-grade 
security protocols
24/7 customer support over chat, phone or email
Why the world’s leading travel brands partner with us
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“Our customers were frustrated by hard to understand immigration and consulate websites. With Sherpa, we are now able to offer our customers a seamless and hassle free travel experience all on one platform: our website.”

Matthias Knobloch, Condor, International Marketing Manager B2C

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“We've had excellent feedback from our travellers as we're able to provide a single touchpoint for all visa requirements across all destinations, and use Sherpa as a trusted partner to facilitate visa purchases. Sherpa has given our customers peace of mind, addressing anxiety often associated with travel, further reduced inbound calls to our support staff, and prevented customer service issues on the ground.”

Craig Nagy, G Adventures, Technology Director, Customer Systems

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Having undertaken a hackathon using Sherpa, we found their documentation to be very detailed and the implementation straightforward. We were able to put together an integration with Skyscanner in a couple of hours resulting in a functional mobile application using real visa data.”

Akos Toth-Mate, Skyscanner, Engineering Manager

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eVisa?

An eVisa, or electronic visa, is an official government document. It is a digital visa issued without a physical label in the bearer’s passport. The eVisa is linked to the individual’s passport number and must be presented before travel.

What languages do you support?

Our eVisa application is translated to 5 languages; our travel restrictions tool is localized to 14 languages including Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. ‍ We are able to launch new languages quickly based on partner demand. Need a language we don't currently support? Contact us.

What countries are covered?

Our database has visa requirements for all nationalities going to all destinations. This includes paper visas, eVisas and eTAs, and transit visa requirements. ‍ We can help travellers apply for any eVisas. Today there are 64 countries with an active eVisa. By 2021, over 110 countries will require eVisas.

Are your products accessible?


Do you have duty of care information like earthquakes etc?

No, we currently do not have this information.

Who uses this product?

American Airlines

Who uses this product?

Icelandair, G Adventures

Who uses this product?

American Airlines, CWT, Star Alliance

How often is information updated?

Data refresh rates depend on the data itself and vary from hours to a month. Data that is time-sensitive like advisories and restrictions are more frequently refreshed than other information. Information sources, when they were last checked are included as part of the API response.

How often is information updated?

Data refresh rates depend on the data itself and vary from hours to a month. Data that is time-sensitive like advisories and restrictions are more frequently refreshed than other information.

Where do you get your data?

Our data is gathered from various trusted sources. Most of the information comes directly from Governments, Travel Organizations & Services.

How does your commercial model work?

We work off a revenue share model with our partners based on facilitating eVisa applications for their customers.

How many countries have eVisas?

Today there are 64 countries with an active eVisa. There will be over 110 by 2021. Sherpa currently supports eVisa applications to 13 countries.

How many countries are supported?

194 destinations

How many languages are supported?

4: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese

How many languages are supported?

15: Arabic, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Simplified Chinese

How many languages are supported?

English and Spanish.

Do you cover regional and domestic information?

Not yet. USA, Canada & Australia coming soon.

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Open a new ancillary revenue stream.

Reduce your costs and operational 
risk while enhancing your customer experience.
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