What do we do?

We help international travellers move freely around the world.

Our values

Continuous growth, and continuously re-assessing our values! We are explorers and builders, looking for new adventures and making our mark to enable those who come after us. In good relationships people help each other grow, and we reward teaching as much as learning.


We are travellers, entrepreneurs and security experts who believe that travel should be less stressful.

Max Tremaine Max Tremaine Co-Founder & CEO
Ivan Sharko Ivan Sharko Co-Founder & CPO
Jake Kotzer Jake Kotzer Director, Growth & Partnerships
Yana Stepchenko Yana Stepchenko Director, Design
Andrew Dias Andrew Dias Director, Delivery & Integrations
David Riley David Riley Partnerships Lead
Maddy Bannock Maddy Bannock Partnerships Lead
Alex Gogan Alex Gogan Director of Engineering
Neeraj Kesavan Neeraj Kesavan Software Engineer
Dale Nguyen Dale Nguyen Software Engineer
Ali Baquer Ali Baquer UX Designer
Amara Huberman Amara Huberman Customer Operations Specialist
Aaron Doerksen Aaron Doerksen Customer Operations Specialist

Investors and Advisors

Leaders in the travel-technology world are joining us to drive change in the travel industry.

Stuart MacDonald Stuart MacDonald Board Member & Investor
Erik Blachford Erik Blachford Investor