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We believe travel is about meaningful connections and personal discoveries. It’s about seeking to understand cultures by listening to others and sharing what you learn. It’s always fun to be part of a unique travel community – so Join Sherpa.

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Our Goal

We’re looking to connect with passionate explorers who can spread the word about how Sherpa can help all travellers. Whether you are new to travelling or a seasoned nomad, Sherpa Ambassadors have a simple purpose – contribute to the vast wealth of travel knowledge.

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Meet the Ambassadors

Sherpa Ambassadors are from all corners of the world.

Can I be an Ambassador?

You should apply to become an Ambassador if you are:

Active and engaging on social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Ready to promote Sherpa content across your channels.

Travelling in the next 6 months.

Able to draw a face on a balloon without popping it.

Interested in building a better travel community and making the world a smaller place.

What does the Sherpa Ambassador Program entail?

Our dedicated travel team will actively connect with you to build up your brand and help you travel easy.

You get:

  • Exclusive Sherpa Perks and awesome Balloon Buddies!

  • Recognition on Sherpa’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, and Ambassador Map!

  • Priority access to write for the Sherpa Travel Blog.

  • Ability to influence Sherpa’s product direction and features.

  • Exclusive access to a dedicated community manager for any travel or visa-related questions.

Get Involved

Sherpa Initiatives Application
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