6 Great Things About Being a Digital Nomad

The positives outweigh the difficulties by 10 beaches to 1.


While being a digital nomad comes with its own set of difficulties unique to working remotely but there are a lot more reasons why you should invest your time and effort into switching to a digital nomad lifestyle. Here’s Brandi Travels with 6 great things about being a digital nomad.

Travelling, Obviously

For some people the ability to save enough money and then take the time off work is not an option. Combining work and travel is the only way for some people to do the thing they love. The great thing about travelling as a digital nomad is that you get to do it at a much slower pace and get the chance to immerse yourself in a culture – not just see the highlights. Being able to learn about a city, a culture, find the hidden gems that make a place special can be such a rewarding experience and one that you can experience again, and again, and again as a digital nomad.

Testing your Limits

Being a digital nomad is not as easy as buying a plane ticket and leaving on the next plane to somewhere (preferably somewhere hot with white sand beaches and an abundance of coconuts). It *should* involve a lot of planning – but that’s just the first step. Having to deal with a new language and culture, outside of a tourist point of view, will challenge you in ways you might not have considered before. From negotiating a place to live, local shopping, where the best Wi-Fi spots are, finding new friends, and actually working – there will always be a new challenge you will need to overcome. The feeling of accomplishment when you’re able to navigate new situations with ease will give you a sense of confidence and allow you to grow as a person.

Finding New Focus

Balancing your new lifestyle with the work you’ve committed to can be one of the biggest challenges (read here for tips on staying productive) you’ll face. Staying productive when you’re in a place that is typically a vacation spot can make it so hard to sit down and focus but the stakes can be pretty high (not working = no money = no travel). Because you no longer have a boss looking over your shoulder it’s now up to you to find the focus you need to stay motivated. Your reasons for wanting to do work change and you become uber-focused on your work.

Escaping the Dreaded “9-to-5”

Unless you work for one of the top coolest companies’ odds are that you don’t love the stereotypes of the 9-5 office job. Being stuck in a job with an uninspiring décor and people you might not normally choose to surround yourself with can be draining. Add in the commute and early mornings – the whole daily experience can be unfulfilling. When living and travelling as a digital nomad your office can be wherever you choose. A beach, an urban city, your bedroom, a co-working space. The world is literally your oyster.

Once you escape the 9-5 office job and start your new voyage as a digital nomad you will notice that waking up in the morning (or whatever time you prefer) gets easier, you start appreciating each and every day more, and you’ll start looking for new opportunities to continue the digital nomad lifestyle.

Lifestyle Shift

Living a digital nomad lifestyle is an incredibly new experience if you’ve never done it before. Instead of having a regimented day designed by others you get to decide how each day is spent. You choose where you live, how often to move, how many hours you want to work when you want to work.

Imagine this being your workday:

Waking up at sunrise to take a walk on the beach, then working for a few hours before taking an afternoon break to swim with wild dolphins, going back to work before ending your day watching the sunset on the beach and meeting up with friends for dinner.

Who wouldn’t want this life?

Cost of Living

One of the many perks of being a digital nomad is that depending on where you choose to live you can dramatically decrease your cost of living. There are a lot of digital nomads who prefer to live in warm, tropical climates – which can allow you more freedom.

The ability to lower your cost of living can be amazingly beneficial to a new digital nomad. If you’re starting out as a freelancer or starting a new business it can help give you the necessary leeway to make less (or use fewer savings) at the start of your new venture. Or, it can allow a digital nomad the ability to save money.


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