Sherpa For Travel Agents Program

Looking to join the Sherpa for Agents Program but not sure where to start? We give you answers.


Sherpa for Travel Agents

Some of you might be a tad confused as to what exactly a “Referral Program” is and how it works. We’ve taken the time to break it down for you into the most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Sherpa for Agents Program?

We’ve come up with a formalized Affiliate Program for Travel Agents. We create a link that is unique to you and you have the freedom to share your link on your channels however you like.

How does a Sherpa Referral Work?

As Travel Agents share their link and their clients apply to purchase their travel visas, we can monitor all traffic on the link and compensate you with a commission on visas sold.

What is the Commission Structure?

While many agents find the value of Sherpa in the ease of the process for their clients, we’re pleased to offer agents the option to earn a commission of 25% the service fee on visas sold. What agents do with that is up to them: you can collect it as commission or offer it as a discount to your clients. The choice is yours – to do whatever works best for you and your practice.

In either case, we will pay ryou a cheque each month along with a monthly digest breaking down your link’s activity.

Visas for Agents are Free.

We want to show you how good the Sherpa experience can be. We’re happy to offer travel visas to Travel Agents – free of charge for their next trip. All we ask for in return is about your experience using Sherpa and would welcome your feedback so that we can make the experience even better.

How Can I Use my Link?

We provide you with tips and ways to use your link, and we will walk you through the entire process. Click here – it’s easy to integrate your link into your practice.

Why Should I Use my Link? Can I Stop at Any Time?

Through your Referral Link, you can earn extra commission, become a knowledge holder in the travel industry. Of course, travel agents are free to discontinue at any time. Just get in touch with us at and submit a request. We will deactivate the link for you and arrange any final compensation for your efforts.

Are you ready to get started? If so, you can head over to your Sherpa for Agents page and sign up! The Sherpa Team will be in touch! Travel Easy!