How to Prepare for Brazil to Implement an eVisa

Brazil is looking to implement an eVisa. What does this mean for Travel Agents?


“Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Japanese citizens can obtain an electronic visa to travel to Brazil in the second half of this year”, says the Brazilian Tourism Minister. Currently, the only way Canadians can get their hands on a visa (and likely a similar process for the other citizenships) would be to apply for an appointment online, drop off their passport at a local consulate, then return two to six weeks later to retrieve their passport with Brazilian visa intact. The granting of electronic visas over the internet, which is valid only for tourists, reduces the time it will take to get the entry permit in the country down to just 48 hours.

For Travel Agents, Brazil implementing an eVisa for travellers is a significant revelation. Here’s how you can prepare yourself and your business for any possible outcomes:


Tourism will likely Increase.

As we’ve seen with the implementation of eVisas in other countries (India, Sri Lanka), they have a tendency to boost tourism by decreasing the bureaucracy travellers experience to get to the destination country. We anticipate a similar trend with Brazil, and in the coming months, it will be interesting to watch this unfold.


Updating information for Travel to Brazil.

Travellers will be looking for the right information when the change occurs. While knowledge of the change to eVisa can help you prepare for the increase in the market, it also means revising and updating your Brazil-specific content to reflect the potential changes. With your Affiliate Link, you can feel confident that Sherpa has been preparing for the change in the delivery of Brazilian tourist visas.


Targeted Marketing for Travel to Brazil

Understanding how immigration laws affect tourism means that you, the agent, can target the right audiences with the right message. “Ease of entry” to Brazil could allow you to provide information in your newsletters/emails, directing potential clients about Brazil as an accessible destination.

Here at Sherpa, we’re happy to share our up-to-date visa knowledge. Which one of these is most important to you? If you have any ideas about connecting with your clients about travel to Brazil, we’d love to hear from you! As always, Travel Easy.

-The Sherpa Team