Brazil Offers eVisa to Western World by End of 2017

Brazil looks to boost tourism with implementing an eVisa.


Tourists from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan will have an electronic visa to enter Brazil.

“Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Japanese citizens can obtain an electronic visa to travel to Brazil in the second half of this year”, says Tourism Minister Marx Beltrão. The inclusion of China in 2018 is still pending. By March of next year, three other countries will join the list: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and India. The choice of nationalities and the order of inclusion in politics was a decision from Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Brazilian tourism sees a boost, looks to capitalize.

The granting of electronic visas over the internet, which is valid only for tourists, reduces the time it will take to get the entry permit in the country down to just 48 hours. The speed of access can provide an increase of 25% in landings per annum, according to the World Tourism Organization. Brazil’s own experience when hosting both the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 seems to confirm this statement.

During the World Cup, when tourists with tickets were able to disembark without a visa, there was a record increase in the inflow of dollars generated by tourism. Specifically, tourism in 2014 generated $1.58 billion USD, an almost 60% increase compared to the previous period in 2013.

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During the Olympic Games, Brazil waived visa requirements for visitors from Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA. Of the 163,104 people of these nationalities who came to Brazil during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, 74.06% used the visa waiver. These foreigners left behind an estimated $ 167.7 million USD in the economy. Looking long term, this number was 8.6 times more than the total value that Brazil failed to collect in what would have been consular fees to process entry visas. For Americans in particular, the application for a Brazilian visa at a major consulate can be a headache. “Electronic visas can inject up to $ 1.4 billion BRL in the economy in two years,” projects Beltrão.

Solving “how to get a visa for Brazil” opens more doors.

Aligning with countries like Turkey, Australia, India, and most recently, Vietnam, the granting of electronic visas to visitors is a move commended by the General Director of the UN Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai of Jordan. For years, the Tourism Organization was been making this recommendation. “We respect the principle of reciprocity, but it has become obsolete. Countries must adopt actions that are in accordance with their interests,” Rifai stated. At Sherpa, we’re planning on being at the cutting-edge of the visa world. You can be sure that we are working on implementing the Brazilian eVisa into our offering when it’s confirmed.

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