Five Ways to Use Your Sherpa Referral Link

Here's a helpful article to get you thinking about how you can best use Sherpa.


5 Ways to Use Your Sherpa Referral Link

So, you’ve got your Sherpa Referral Link. A great first step to directing your clients to a comprehensive resource to make their travel experience easier. Now you might find yourself asking, “Well, how should I use it?” These are very common questions. Here at Sherpa, we’ve put together this short guide on a few ways in which you can most effectively use your link to help your clients. Here are 5 easy ways:

Send the Link in your Informational Newsletters/Updates

It’s the little details that can make all the difference to your clients. You can let your clients know about Sherpa through incorporating a blurb into a monthly newsletter. That’s a great way to highlight the service you can provide for them.

Place your Link on your Destination-Specific Pages

Destination-Specific pages are a great way to provide the right information and ease travellers into the thought of travelling to a country. Often, your website offers pages with specific country information. Applying for a travel visa can be one of these key pieces. If you know your clients frequently travel to a country – and they needs a travel visa – you can place your link in a corresponding section. Make it known that it’s easy to get a visa they require, and you’ll have a more confident traveller!

Highlight your Link in your Website FAQ

Frequently Asked Question sections are a nice way to get recognized by Google and this can help drive traffic to your travel site. Trust us when we say that we know travellers are asking about travel visas they may need. Offer your link as a clickable resource in your FAQ section under “Visas/Documentation” to show that you’ve got their travel concerns covered.

Include your Link in your Confirmation Emails

If you know your clients will be needing visas for their upcoming trip, you can include the link when you send along the confirmation of itinerary. Alternatively, include a section in all your confirmation emails that tells your clients to check if they need a visa for their trip. If they do, they can use your link to check Sherpa. Let us do the heavy lifting!

Present your Link on your Website Front Page

If you’re looking to make it clear that you’re a knowledgable resource for travellers, feel free to incorporate your link into your general information on your website’s homepage. Travel visas are not typically seen as the most enjoyable part of the travel experience – and you can proudly state that, with Sherpa, you are able to be an “all-around” service for your clients.

Awesome Bonus Idea

If you’re social media savvy, you can share your link on Facebook (pages or in groups), through Twitter, or on Linkedin!

You have visas questions. We have visa answers.

We love to hear about the creative and effective ways you are engaging with your clients. If you require any help from us here at Sherpa – for media or graphics to incorporate on your page – let us know. We’ll be happy to help you out with implementation. As always, Travel Easy!

-The Sherpa Team