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Here at Sherpa, we believe travel is about experiences, interactions, and discoveries. It’s about seeking to understand other cultures and their customs, not their Customs Laws. Embracing the possibilities of being unobstructed by borders. We believe travel is about meaningful connections and informed decisions, about listening to others and sharing what you learn.

We created the Sherpa Ambassador Project with a simple purpose: to connect with avid explorers of the world. Travel experiences are different for everyone, and we’d love to hear your take on it. Whether you are new to travelling or a seasoned nomad, feel free to join our community. Contribute to the wealth of knowledge and worldly connections, and join Sherpa.

Sherpa Ambassadord

Explore together.

What Ambassadors get to do

Sherpa Ambassadord Perk

Hang with your balloon buddy.

When you become an Ambassador, you'll receive your free Sherpa Balloons. To begin, we ask that you take 3-5 photos with your "balloon buddies" (more would be swell, but no pressure). Send them our way, and we can post to our Instagram - @sherpateam. When we use them - we will give you credit!
Sherpa Ambassadord Perk

Go places…

Bring a few balloons on your next adventure! Blow them up and take them around – from iconic places, to the “hidden gems” you know about! Be creative! In the air, floating on the water, beside a mountain goat (they're 100% biodegradable, but be careful!). Make the balloons a fun and recognizable beacon. Most importantly, make it your own – your style will make the photos unique and wonderful. Just do you, and it’ll be great.
Sherpa Ambassadord Perk

Get involved.

Tell us your travel stories, especially your visa horror stories. We want to know. Download the app and let us know the good, the bad and the ugly. Your opinion matters! We want Sherpa to be the best it can be and we need your help. But in the meantime, if you want to leave a 5 start review on the app stores, we won’t mind.
Sherpa Ambassadord Perk

Sharing is caring.

We would love if you could post a few of the photos to your own Instagram or Facebook - on your own timeline, of course. Tag us @sherpateam, use #joinsherpa, and we can help to get the travel community connected to the movement. If you have travel photos - new or old - blog posts, stories, or knowledge you'd like to share, we'll promote you as the content creator.

The important Stuff.

Ambassadors Perks

Exclusive access to a dedicated community manager from Sherpa for any questions and inquires about the process, and your specific visa needs.

We will actively post and re-share your created content for Sherpa to help grow our community! We will add you to the Sherpa Map – showing our Ambassadors around the globe – just a name and country under a cute little Sherpa icon!

Have a say in where Sherpa is going. Your opinion is invaluable, after all – we are creating this for you. Get exclusive access to the app’s beta features and help shape the product.

Meet the ambassadors

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